Firm Overview

Founded by Brian P. Kamel, today the law firm is con­tin­u­ously pro­vid­ing legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion in the South­ern Cal­i­for­nia area from as far north as San Luis Obispo to as far south as San Diego County.

Our prac­tice is focused on a vari­ety of areas, such as Pro­fes­sional Lia­bil­ity, Den­tal and Med­ical Mal­prac­tice, Premises and Pro­duct Lia­bil­ity, Labor & Employ­ment and Homeowner’s Asso­ci­a­tion.
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Experienced Litigators with Results

The law­firm of Brian P. Kamel & Assoc­iates has offices in Los Ange­les and San Diego, Cal­i­for­nia. Our Attor­neys provide legal rep­re­sen­ta­tion in the South­ern Cal­i­for­nia area from as far north as San Luis Obispo to as far south as San Diego county.

Our prac­tice if focused on civil lit­i­ga­tion defense in both state and fed­eral courts.  Our defense includes the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of health­care pro­fes­sion­als, hos­pi­tals, clin­ics, health­care groups, men­tal health facil­i­ties, non­profit orga­ni­za­tions, and home­owner asso­ci­a­tions.

Our clien­tele range from insur­ance com­pa­nies to large and small health care busi­nesses.  Our lawyers have expe­ri­ence han­dling cases in all areas of health­care, employ­ment law, and errors omis­sions cases.  We rep­re­sent numer­ous insur­ance car­ri­ers in the defense of claims on behalf of their insureds.  Our lawyers also rep­re­sent com­pa­nies and clin­ics in labor law cases involv­ing wrong­ful ter­mi­na­tion, sex­ual harass­ment, meal­time and rest break alleged vio­la­tions, and con­tract dis­putes between own­ers and inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors.

Our firm has a long­stand­ing rep­u­ta­tion to aggres­sively defend cases, often times obtain­ing early dis­missals in cases.  Because we have built such strong rela­tion­ships with our long­stand­ing clients for more than a quar­ter of a cen­tury, our rep­re­sen­ta­tion is unique to oth­ers.  We pride our­selves in treat­ing our clients like they are mem­bers of our fam­ily.  We also are proud that attor­neys with the firm  have mem­bers of their fam­ily in the health­care field pro­vid­ing that addi­tional bond between attor­ney and client.  There is an ele­vated desire to pro­tect our client as we would our own fam­ily.   That is what makes our firm unique.  In that regard, the respon­sive­ness to ques­tions, the rela­tion­ships that have been built, and the results that have been achieved for clients are far supe­rior to many other law firms.   We  are also aware that the client’s desires is what is most impor­tant. The defense of a client must address what the client wants and the least stress­ful way of achiev­ing that client’s ulti­mate goal for res­o­lu­tion.  That is what makes us dif­fer­ent from every­one else.  We under­stand that keep­ing the legal fees and costs to a min­i­mum helps the client/insured keep his/her pre­mi­ums to a min­i­mum.   It does not help the client if you achieve a suc­cess­ful result but at an out­ra­geous cost that dri­ves that client’s pre­mium to an area that cre­ates finan­cial stress for the client.  It is not only about achiev­ing a suc­cess­ful result.  It is about achiev­ing a suc­cess­ful result in the most effi­cient and cost effec­tive man­ner.  That is what has made Brian P. Kamel & Assoc­iates suc­cess­ful, and that is why so many clients return to our firm when they are faced with lit­i­ga­tion.  We have  obtained numer­ous defense ver­dicts over the years on behalf of clients, and have resolved cases involv­ing cat­a­strophic injuries for set­tle­ments that are unmatched by other firms. Our phi­los­o­phy is to eval­u­ate a case early enough in the case so that the client can explore all options before  incur­ring unnec­es­sary legal expenses are incurred.  In addi­tion, it gives the client a fore­cast of what to expect and elim­i­nates the ele­ment of sur­prise.  We are proud of the suc­cesses we have had and the fact that clients refer fam­i­lies and rel­a­tives to us for their rep­re­sen­ta­tion.

Brian P. Kamel & Assoc­iates is very active in their rep­re­sen­ta­tion of doc­tors and den­tists before the Licens­ing Board.  This rep­re­sen­ta­tion involves alle­ga­tions of sub­stan­dard care, pro­fes­sional mis­con­duct, and self-pre­scrib­ing of med­ica­tions, and fraud in cases brought by the Attor­ney Gen­eral against den­tists, doc­tors, nurses, and phar­ma­cists. Our firm is also active in the rep­re­sen­ta­tion of health care prac­ti­tion­ers in DFEH and EDD claims. The attor­neys at Brian P. Kamel & Assoc­iates have exten­sive expe­ri­ence in the area of home­owner lit­i­ga­tion.  Our rep­re­sen­ta­tion of home­owner asso­ci­a­tions and their Board of Direc­tors span from San Diego to Santa Bar­bara and includes serv­ing as cor­po­rate coun­sel for home­owner asso­ci­a­tions to help guide them through home­owner dis­putes which arise fre­quently. We pride our­selves in assist­ing these home­owner asso­ci­a­tions in a man­ner that is eco­nom­i­cally fea­si­ble, as we under­stand the impor­tance of the Board’s respon­si­bil­ity to min­i­mize the costs of the oper­a­tion of the home­own­ers asso­ci­a­tion. We have auto­mated lit­i­ga­tion sup­port and the abil­ity to cre­ate spe­cial case man­age­ment sys­tems to assist our clients in the man­age­ment of cases.  The suc­cess of our rep­re­sen­ta­tion of clients is reflected by the large per­cent­age of repeat insureds who, when a law­suit is filed, request the insur­ance car­rier to assign our firm to rep­re­sent them based upon pre­vi­ous suc­cesses and their extreme sat­is­fac­tion with our firm’s han­dling of their case.


Best Rep­u­ta­tion.

Brian P. Kamel & Assoc­iates has one of the best rep­u­ta­tions nation­wide for nego­ti­a­tion of a res­o­lu­tion.

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A Strong Defense.

In defend­ing a case, we work closely with our clients to gather all rel­e­vant facts and plan the best strat­egy for the sit­u­a­tion.

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Decades of Expe­ri­ence.

We have decades of expe­ri­ence in defend­ing clients from small solo prac­ti­tion­ers to large com­pa­nies and non­profit orga­ni­za­tions.

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Trust and Respect.

We treat every­one with respect and make deci­sions with integrity. Trust is the foun­da­tion of any rela­tion­ship.

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